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Organization Systems

Your SageHouse Cabinetry designer can include a wide range of storage options for your space!

Here are some of our favorites. 

Cutlery Divider

Silverware storage is a must-have! Our Cutlery Divider drawer insert keeps  your flatware accessible and neatly arranged.

Sink Base Mat

Our Sink Base Mat is a durable mat designed to protect the cabinet floor by channeling leaks or spills towards the front of the cabinet.

Wood Tiered Cutlery Divider

Offering two levels of storage, our Wood Tiered Cutlery Divider maximizes the most of every square inch and lets you keep all your utensils in one drawer.

Base Pantry Pull-Out

Use narrow spaces efficiently by storing spices, oils and other kitchen necessities in our Base Pantry Pull-Out.

Blind Corner Base Pull Out Kit

No more reaching into the back of the cabinet! Our Blind Corner Base Pull Out provides easy access to items that are tucked away.

Blind Corner Base Swing Out Kit

Access all your favorite easily! Our Blind Corner Base Swing Out Kits transform blind corner cabinets into convenient and accessible storage space.

Deep Roll Out Trays

Deep roll-out trays provide easy access to heavy pots and pans while optimizing organization and efficiency in your kitchen.

Two Drawer Base with Scalloped Sliding Shelf And Peg Dish Organizer

Double your storage space with our Deep Drawer storage and store tall, bulky items without reaching or bending.

Base Pot & Pan Organizer

Streamline meal preparation, reduce clutter, and make cooking more enjoyable with our Base Pot and Pan Organizer.

Wastebasket Pull-Out

Hide your trash and recycling containers with our Wastebasket Pull-Out creating a clean and tidy kitchen.

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